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The homeless traveller in his old police box

His days like crazy paving

The Doctor
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"Doctor, we did good, didn't we?"
"Perhaps. Time will tell. Always does."


In his Seventh incarnation, the Doctor remains an oftentimes elusive figure, far more secretive than in previous lives, and frequently 'well devious.' He can be whimsical and lighthearted, but also has a more apparent streak of ruthlessness, often manipulating enemies, and sometimes friends, in order to achieve the greater good. At his core, however, he always cares, and laments when he must do the hard thing to achieve the necessary outcome. Although, as always, most of his regrets are expressed silently. He rarely makes apologies for his actions, the exception being with certain people, such as with Ace in "Curse of Fenric." The Doctor is amiable, but can get tetchy when people don't follow his line of thought, which is often. He loathes injustice, cruelty, tyranny, burnt toast, unrequited love, and bus stations.

I do not own the character of the Doctor. He is the property of the BBC, of which I have no affiliation. I am also not affiliated in any way with the actor who portrays him in his seventh incarnation, Sylvester McCoy. No copyright infringement is intended, and this journal is simply used by the mun in various fic-writing communities, and for role-playing purposes.
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